Adrian Peterson and C.J Spiller

Aug. 2nd 2013 –

Cj. Spiller has been one of the most talked about fantasy players this offseason of 2013. This article is written by an avid Buffalo Bills follower and fan. The first thing that needs to be acknowledged is the comparison and standards for which Spiller is compared to Adrian Peterson.  By no means should Spiller be compared or estimated to Adrian Peterson. Adrian Peterson is on a pedestal of his own and nobody is going to touch the season he put up last year for some time. In other words Spiller will not eclipse Adrian Peterson in anyway so that comparison out of respect to AP needs to be thrown out the window. But lets look at what Spiller has to offer. If he continues to build he has the opportunity to put up 1600 to 1800 all purpose yards and I think that is where you can measure Spiller. The only reason why he is compared to AP is because last year Spiller had less then 300 touches and produced a very respectable year but did not amass more then 1900 all purpose yards. Expect Spiller to be an elite back but right now in the National Football League no one has earned the right to be compared to Adrian Peterson. Much like J.J Watt has separated himself on the defensive line , no one comes close to him or Adrian Peterson at their respected positions as of right now.


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