The Forgotten Man In Philly

desean-jackson-interview-25927303a69bd023The Forgotten Man In Philly :

Desean Jackson has been a big play receiver since arriving with the Eagles. He has however gone through his fair share of injury woes. However this season he seems to be healthy and ready to go but getting little praise for it. When Jeremy Maclin went down there was not one person who said well at least we have Desean Jackson. The media essentially went into crisis mode stating there was not much to work with  at the  wide receiver position  for the Eagles. True fans of the Eagles are aware however that they have a true number one in Desean Jackson. Is he a big physical type receiver that is dominant like Larry Fitzgerald or Calvin Johnson, no, but he is dynamic and can get open and should be treated as a number one. In the preseason so far Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has not made many adjustments to get their star receiver the ball. It is a question that needs answering as Desean Jackson seemingly is being undervalued in Philly.


AFC West predictions and Preview

Adrian Peterson and C.J Spiller

Aug. 2nd 2013 –

Cj. Spiller has been one of the most talked about fantasy players this offseason of 2013. This article is written by an avid Buffalo Bills follower and fan. The first thing that needs to be acknowledged is the comparison and standards for which Spiller is compared to Adrian Peterson.  By no means should Spiller be compared or estimated to Adrian Peterson. Adrian Peterson is on a pedestal of his own and nobody is going to touch the season he put up last year for some time. In other words Spiller will not eclipse Adrian Peterson in anyway so that comparison out of respect to AP needs to be thrown out the window. But lets look at what Spiller has to offer. If he continues to build he has the opportunity to put up 1600 to 1800 all purpose yards and I think that is where you can measure Spiller. The only reason why he is compared to AP is because last year Spiller had less then 300 touches and produced a very respectable year but did not amass more then 1900 all purpose yards. Expect Spiller to be an elite back but right now in the National Football League no one has earned the right to be compared to Adrian Peterson. Much like J.J Watt has separated himself on the defensive line , no one comes close to him or Adrian Peterson at their respected positions as of right now.

What Is The Problem With The Franchise Tag ?



To the casual fan of the NFL the Franchise Tag may seem like a good deal or a definite contract that should be taken. In all reality is it everything but a sure thing and a slam dunk for a player. First step back and envision the life of an NFL player. After playing five to three years and putting in everything that could be possibly given to the franchise  instead of being given a four to seven year deal that provides stability and security for a family and  player the organization only offers a one year deal that can only be used on one player per year. This guarantees nothing beyond this year and what was earned was not given. Why players hold out after being offered the Franchise Tag is for a few reasons. First off as mentioned it offers no security for the player. The biggest reason why security is mentioned is because making a career in the NFL is very hard especially because of career ending injuries. The player already made it through three to five years proving his worth and god forbid he gets injured in the Franchise Tag year he is left with nothing. This is the biggest fear and precaution when players sign the Franchise Tag. The second impact comes when the player is expecting a long term deal and only given the Franchise Tag. This leaves the player feeling unwanted or undervalued by the organization and this is never a good thing. Lastly but still in the fore front of a player’s mind is opportunities that are out there that cannot be pursued. The player cannot accept an offer sheet from another team so ultimately it’s a no win situation for the player that particular year unless he holds out and gets a deal or is signed and then traded if he decides to not sign the Franchise Tag. These are the only outcomes for players under the Franchise Tag as it is more or less an ultimatum.

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