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The Buffalo Bills Curse Of 1999

10985575_detSome may or may not believe in curses, but the circumstances in this situation are hard to ignore. The Buffalo Bills lost four Superbowls in a row in the 90’s but that is not even the curse, just mainly bad luck and a poor secondary. The curse comes into play when in 1999 head coach Wade Phillips and the front office benched Doug Flutie For Rob Johnson in the playoffs. Doug Flutie had a lot of talent but was aging and the thought was Rob Johnson was the future. Well, Rob Johnson is lucky if he is selling cars now in 2013.  This action along with the Music City Miracle against Tennessee triggered a 14 year playoff drought  for the Buffalo Bills. Whether or not you believe in curses it seems the Buffalo Bills bad luck has stemmed from these actions. To add to the curse in 2004 all the Buffalo Bills had to do was win  the final game of the season and beat the 3rd string of the Pittsburgh Steelers who rested their starters. They lost and  could not make the playoffs  finishing 9-7, being the best record they have had in the past thirteen years. Will the curse ever be broken , who knows . Their small market mentality sure is not helping anything by  not being able to bring in premier talent and onlookers. Until Buffalo decides to change its ways or develop a winning culture they will continue to be under the 1999 curse.