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Terrel Owens Downfall

By John Lawson

Last year Terrel Owens was at a put up or shut up moment in his life. He had finally received an opportunity to make it back into the Nfl. Pete Carrol who loves competition took a big risk by allowing T.O to tryout for the Seahawks. At the time I thought it was a great move by Seattle because I truly believed T.o was ready to give blood, sweat, and tears but most importantly sacrifice his massive ego. None of this came to fruition, T.O was cut after a horrid game against the Broncos in the  preseason. He had a not so surprising drop which is something he has struggled with his whole career which is due to a lack of concentration in my opinion. His attitude and lockeroom influence were once again questioned by the media. There were many reports of bad body language and pouting by T.O in his short time with the Seahawks..It is hard enough to make a roster in the NFL if you are over 30 but if you have a bad attitude it is next to impossible.  I don’t think players should be choir boys but they should at least show up and give everything they can.  I like entertaining players and support them but you have to back it all up on the field at the end of the day. T.o wasn’t able to do that and that is why we will only be watching him in the Arena Football league from now on. (If it is even on TV)

T.O crying after playoff loss with the Cowboys