Will Chad Johnson Or Terrell Owens Get Another Chance ?


tumblr_moi1wvW2AH1rge74zo1_500June 23rd

The question of whether Chad Johnson or Terrell Owens will ever get another job in the NFL is a tough question. The reason why is because one must look at both sides of what is going on. The two sides are first the media aspect followed by their on the field performance.  Obviously the media plays a big factor in distractions and un- needed negativity so teams shy away from players who aren’t really worth the risk especially at older ages. Chad Johnson is 35 and Terrell Owens is 40. Looking at on the field performance look at where they were last. Chad Johnson was dropping passes in New England and got released from there. Terrell Owens was cut by Seattle before the regular season and has had no offers since. One could believe that in a system under a smart head coach Terrell or Chad could play a factor type role and get moved around to make plays. It is obvious neither receiver can be a starter anymore at this point in their careers . Time will tell if Chad Johnson or Terrell Owens will find a home come September.


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