Maurice Jones Drew’s Horrible Situation

June 1st

Maurice Jones Drew has accomplished a lot in his career. He is a three time Pro-Bowler and set the Jaguars all-time single season rushing record with 1,606 yards which also led the NFL in 2011.  However 2012 was a disaster for Maurice Jones Drew.  The Jaguars chose not to reward him for his stellar work and MJD sat out of training camp. His 2012 season would amount to nothing more than 86 carries for 414 yards and 86 receiving yards. The major question that stands out here is why have the Jaguars decided not to reward Maurice Jones Drew ? It has to be asked because if MJD doesn’t deserve to be paid then who does. On top of not getting rewarded for his efforts he is a part of a franchise that has been extremely bad as of late . One must first look at this as a message to the team saying if you lead the league in rushing you’re still not going to be rewarded. I do not think that is a message that an organization wants to send players or fans. It is hard to tell what the future will hold for Maurice Jones Drew but nothing seems to be getting any better in Jacksonville.



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