Rob Ryan’s Journey

rob-ryan-01-091208May 27th

Rob Ryan is a by all means  under the radar figure in the national NFL media. He will not attract headlines and I guarantee that a casual NFL fan would not be able to tell you a lot about him . Through 1987 to 2003 Rob Ryan worked to gain what he has now by being everything from an assistant head coach in college to a line backers coach for the New England Patriots. He finally landed a defensive coordinator position with the Oakland Raiders from 2004 to 2008.  Overall this journey along with his journeys from Cleveland to Dallas were left with no considerable wins but his talent of calling plays still showed through all of this . I myself argue that in these situations he was not dealt the best hands in terms of help around him. Not to make excuses for Rob Ryan  but Oakland has been a train wreck for some time and in 2006 Rob Ryans defense was 3rd in yards allowed which was a lone bright spot on this team . As we know Oakland has still not gotten it together as of now which is 2013. Then Rob ventured to Cleveland for a year where an offense has been a rarity and just an abomination to the fans of the Browns. Robs last stop before the Saints was in Dallas where needless to say it’s a conundrum run by Jerry Jones so obviously its not the greatest situation. However now that Rob Ryan has joined the New Orleans Saints it seems to be a perfect fit. Even without Sean Payton last year the Saints were still 1st in the league in passing yards. Their defense was 31st in the league which means that almost every game the Saints had to depend on their offense. Now with Rob Ryan coming in it seems that the Saints are willing to let him run the show on defense. The first aspect that has to be acknowledged is that this is the best atmosphere he has ever been around. This is so because of how good the situation is for him from the people he gets to work with from getting the pleasure of improving a 31st ranked defense which is known he is capable of doing. The Saints were still in a lot of close games last year even with their situation so it has to be believed that with Rob Ryan their defense will improve to at least 20th best which will put them in a lot better position to win. To end on this note no matter where Rob Ryan has gone the defense may not have always  been great but it certainly was never 31st in the league so only good things will come from this hire.


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