The Significance Of Michael Crabtree’s Injury

May 25th

Michael Crabtree has suffered a minimum 6 month Achilles injury.  Since the 49ers have secured Anquan Boldin this offseason talk of Crabtree’s injury has not been as magnified. However true followers of the 49ers will tell you that this is a huge loss. Probably the most significant loss that will be felt is Crabtree’s big play ability and chemistry with Colin Kaepernick. In their recent playoff games Crabtree has made more than a few exceptional grabs putting the 49ers in position to win. Now while Anquan Boldin can provide the same he will not be as versatile as Crabtree was at the wide receiver position. Crabtree is faster than Anquan Boldin and can make things happen in more areas of the field. Boldin and Crabtree would be good complements because Boldin is the big physical wide receiver teams are looking for while Crabtree can almost do it all at the wide receiver position. In no way is this taking away from how good Anquan Boldin or Vernon Davis  are  but Crabtree’s injury will be felt by the entire team and could result in a less productive offense. One also has to look at the running game as well now that Frank Gore is getting older. In my opinion Crabtrees loss is significant and although I believe Jim Harbough will still have success I believe that the offense will be less productive and the 49ers may lose a couple of close games that they may not normally lose.



One thought on “The Significance Of Michael Crabtree’s Injury

  1. The lost of Crabtree is a big lost but because of the addition of Boldin lightens the blow. Last years three top receivers were Crabtree 85 rec for 1,105 yards, Manningham 42 rec for 449 yards and Davis 41 rec for 548 yards. Moss tied Gore with receptions 28.

    Boldin could play the same role as Crabtree this year, which lightens the blow. We also drafted a TE to replace Walker, and Williams is returning. Along with all our young WR who will have the chance to emerge, including our first overall pick from last year A.J. Jenkins. Our 4th round pick Patton looks like a good addition too.

    Our running game will be stronger with Hunter coming back. To throw in the mix with Gore and LaMichael James. LaMichael James will most likely play behind Hunter. Not to forget about Keapernick’s ability to scramble when needed. Lose more close games??? Realy

    Plus Keap is a upgrade at the QB spot. The offense is going to be fine allowing Crabtree to get healthy.

    We still have one of the best WR with Boldin.
    We have one of the best TE with Davids.
    We have one of the best RB with Gore.
    With good young talent in all positions.
    A great Defense with upgraded CB, and depth on the D-line.

    Yes, we true Niner fans know Crabtree is a big lost. But us true Niner fans also know that on our offense side of the ball we have more then just one weapon and this will be less of a blow that everybody makes it out to be.

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