Brian Urlacher Announces Retirement

          May 22nd

Brian Urlacher decided to call it quits on this humid north eastern day. The eight time pro-bowler said that he has chosen retirement due to not being able to receive what he was looking for in the free agent market. However the 5 time all pro has been dealing with injuries recently in his career missing the 2009 season with a wrist injury and having problems with his back and knees. It was not stated but these injuries may have something to do with his 2013 retirement.  The product from the University of New Mexico has played 13 seasons with the Chicago Bears. He got to do what a lot of players do not which is to have  an exceptional career with only one team.  The 2007 Brian Piccolo award winner melted his shoes in bronze today and put them on the mantle and will go down as a respected player in this league. Even though Brian Urlacher was not able to bring a championship trophy to the windy city he always brought everything he had when he stepped on the field. That was his last message that he wanted to leave the fans.

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